Tour of Lost and Forgotten Suburbs Storefront Residencies for Social Innovation

Although it has become commonplace to see vacant buildings downtown, the history of Windsor’s suburbs is also beset by cycles of big dreams, disappointments and eventual abandonment (or re-purposing), and there are a number of failed development projects that haunt the suburbs as well.

As part of Broken City Lab’s Storefront Residencies for Social Innovation, the Border Bookmobile took a field trip to search for the remains of a proposed large-scale development that was slated for the Brighton Beach/Black Oak Park area in the 1920s (then the town of Ojibway). June 25, 2010.

about Frontier Files

The Frontier Files is an online archive of visual and material culture relating to geographic borders in North America and elsewhere. This site documents the Border Bookmobile Project (2010-2013) which served as the beginning of ongoing research into the relationship between contemporary borders and the western, historical concept of the frontier. Images and documents chart the shifting aesthetics and politics of borders over the last century. This archive is organized by Lee Rodney, Associate Professor of Media Art Histories and Visual Culture at the University of Windsor, Canada.

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