Border Bookmobile on the Road

From 2010 – 2013 the Border Bookmobile project served as an urban research platform and traveling exhibition of books, artist projects, photographs and ephemera about the urban history of the Windsor-Detroit region and other border cities around the world. This project traveled to numerous venues in Windsor, Detroit and Toronto and was exhibited at the Art Gallery of Windsor in 2013.

about Frontier Files

The Frontier Files is an online archive of visual and material culture relating to geographic borders in North America and elsewhere. This site documents the Border Bookmobile Project (2010-2013) which served as the beginning of ongoing research into the relationship between contemporary borders and the western, historical concept of the frontier. Images and documents chart the shifting aesthetics and politics of borders over the last century. This archive is organized by Lee Rodney, Associate Professor of Media Art Histories and Visual Culture at the University of Windsor, Canada.

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